Everything emits electromagnetic radiation: the sun in the sky, the earth below our feet, and our own body. In short, electromagnetic fields are essential to human health. However, too much (or sometimes too little) of a given type of electromagnetic radiation — whether naturally occurring or human-made — can cause adverse health effects, some of which occur at stunningly low levels.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

At high exposure levels, acute biological effects caused by heating are well established. Official exposure guidelines are meant to protect from those harmful short-term effects, but not from long-term effects. Low-level chronic exposures to electromagnetic fields commonly found at our home or workplace can cause oxidative stress, which is implicated in almost every major chronic disease.

The only way to know what you are exposed to and to make an informed choice about taking preventive action, if necessary, is to measure the actual levels of the various fields at the location where you are exposed.

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The right to a healthy environment:
RF radiation exposure from cell towers

After a group of concerned citizens of Cadboro Bay (Municipality of Saanich on Vancouver Island) prevented a cell tower from going up in their neighborhood, Telus placed 33 microcell antennas throughout the area in spring 2014. Though the laptop-size antennas are relatively low power, they are mounted awfully close to people and homes--at the lowest cable on utility poles. As a result, ambient RF exposure levels have dramatically increased. My presentation below explains what municipalities can do to get actively involved in a more precautionary consultation and planning process.