Vienna Medical Association cautions against the use of cell phones

The Vienna Medical Association in Austria has cautioned against the use of cell phones in children under the age of 16 ever since the REFLEX study came out in 2004, which suggested possible genetic damage due to GSM cell phone radiation exposure. The latest update of the poster on “10 Medical Rules for a Safer Use of Mobile Phones” (2015) provides not only practical tips on how to reduce your exposure to wireless radiation, but also promotes safe driving.

  1. In general, keep calls short and as few as possible.
  2. “Distance is your friend.”
  3. Do not keep the phone directly on your body when using a headset or the built-in speakerphone.
  4. Do not use in vehicles.
  5. No texting while driving—ever!
  6. Make phone calls at home and at work via a hardwired network.
  7. Work offline more often or put your phone in airplane mode.
  8. Fewer apps means less radiation.
  9. Avoid making calls in places with poor reception.
  10. Buy mobile phones with a very low SAR value and an external antenna connector, if possible!

For the complete poster with the detailed recommendations, click here.